Giclee Print Prices

40 x 60   $990-1200

20 x 60  $790-900

30 X 40   $790-900

22 x 30   $590-700

17 x 22   $490-600

10 x 12   $290-400




What is a Giclee Print?


Giclee Prints are a blend of art and science employing the newest technology that sprays microscopic droplets of ink directly on the paper.   The result is a highly saturated dynamic color range mirroring the original piece in both color and texture.  All artwork is completed on the finest 100% archival Rag paper and is hand-signed by the artist.  The Watercolor Giclees are limited-edition.

Only general sizes are listed.  

Giclee can be ordered in the custom sizes.