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Giclee Prints

There are many specifications when ordering a Giclee Print.  


You have flexibility to enlarge the paintings or make them smaller as long as the proportions of the original watercolor are maintained. You can make the artwork into a large or smaller sized painting to accommodate your space.

You also have the option to add a 2 inch white boarder on the artwork making it easy to matt in the frame.  Or other clients choose rough edges so that the painting can float in the frame which is a very natural look.

Carmel Cowan handles all sales so please email ​Email or call.


Limited Edition Giclees

Order a Limited-Edition Giclee Painting Hand-signed by the artist. 

Giclee Prints are a blend of art and science employing the newest technology that sprays microscopic droplets of ink directly on the paper.   The result is a highly saturated dynamic color range mirroring the original piece in both color and texture.  All artwork is completed on the finest 100% archival Rag paper and is hand-signed by the artist.  The Watercolor Giclees are limited-edition.

Giclee can be ordered in the custom sizes and priced accordingly. (estimates below)

Giclee Print Prices

40 x 60   $990-1200

20 x 60  $790-900

30 X 40   $790-900

22 x 30   $590-700

17 x 22   $490-600

10 x 12   $290-400



Commissioned Artwork- A painting according to your hearts desire!


Have a favorite bird, animals, flower or setting?  Clients are commissioning Peggy Macnamara to paint a very specific Watercolor Painting according to their own personal sentiments and passions.  Also Macnamara paints murals and other spaces as well.  Be as creative as you can - Commission the artist!



Here are examples of commissioned work:1)

)2)   3) 30 x 40 sentimental landscape in Ireland- Cliffs of Moher


-Birds Watchers - your favorite Bird - perhaps a cardinal or spoonbill?

- A personal landscape dear to your heart - your engagement setting or wedding venue

- A favorite sculpture in a Museum in the USA or Europe.



Purchase Your Own Peggy Macnamara Original Watercolor Painting. A valuable investment, your art work is sure to increase value with time and is sure to be treasured for many years to come.

To place an order or answer any questions 

please email or call Carmel Cowan

Original Watercolor Prices

Limited Availability

17 x 22    $2500-$3000

22 x 30    $3500-$4000

20 x 60   $4500-$6000

30 x 40    $4500-$6000

40 x 60    $6500-$8000

Pricing does not include framing or tax.

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